ELMA BlueAura*PL - Ex 1, CAC
judge: Svetlana Stoliarova (BY)

We're very proud of our little girl, she though stress is a beautiful cat.

Elma is't only a wonderful family member but beautiful and valuable cat, so we decided that she'll be a mom.
We're planning kittens at the beginning of the 2017.
More informations in Litters.

Yesterday we started with GENESIS-D Jag-Sza in Lublin in the first part of the Polish Cup of Dogtrekking.
We're proud, because we did it without preparation, completely amateurishly, but we occupied 25th place on 122 teams in the mini distance.
So far, I can't believe we beat 17 kilometers in 2:28:15 :)

During our debut on the cat's show our ELMA Blue Aura*Pl won two gold medals.
We are very proud of our brave girl

judge: Helene Reiter (DE)
ELMA Blue Aura*Pl - excellent, CAC

judge: Mateusz Jędrzejowski (PL)
ELMA Blue Aura*Pl - excellent, CAC

Our lovely GENESIS-D Jag-Sza today celebrates fourth birthday. On this occasion we would like to wish you all the best my dear!

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Elma, Happy birthday to you!
Today we celebrate B-day of ELMY Blue Aura*Pl.

Today, we have examined the heart of our Genesis.
We're proud, because at the moment it works perfect and does't have the DCM.
There are new pictures in the gallery of Elma and the main gallery.
We invite you to watch.

After a long break, welcome to our new website.

Paulina Fabian

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